About IGs

A Unique Breed

Italian Greyhounds are very active, inquisitive little animals who enjoy giving and receiving love immensely. Being people oriented, they require the stimulation of quality human companionship. They do not make good pets for households with very young or rambunctious children, or very large active dogs. They do very well with gentle, considerate children, or mellow larger dogs.

Italian Greyhounds are beautiful and clean without expensive or time-consuming grooming. They are small enough to fit into any living situation yet large enough to be real dogs. Although small in size, they bark rather than yap. Most of all, they have an extremely loving, devoted nature and a scintillating, sometimes unpredictable charm that never allows for a dull moment. They are sweet, gentle, affectionate, sprightly and imaginative. Most Italian Greyhounds are one person or one family dogs that want to be physically close to their humans. The Italian Greyhound is a unique breed that has the ability to completely entrance its devotees, although a few of its more whimsical attributes might charm some and be a turnoff for others.

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