Adoption Application

It is vital to keep your Italian Greyhound on a leash at all times outdoors if not in a fenced area. Italian Greyhounds are sight hounds and will chase small moving objects regardless of danger, including rabbits, birds, and squirrels. NEVER ‘trust’ your Italian Greyhound won’t run away!

You must agree to keep your Italian Greyhound as a pet in your home as a part of your family. This breed should not be kept outdoors or left outside unattended for any extended period of time.

You must agree to have your rescue dog wear an identification tag at all times. IGCA Rescue will provide all rescue dogs with an identification tag free of charge.

You must agree to maintain necessary vaccinations recommended by your vet and be responsible for licensing your dog according to regulations in your community.

You must contact the IGCA Rescue Representative and provide notification of any change in contact information from that listed on this application.

You must notify the IGCA Rescue Representative if you cannot keep your rescue dog for any reason. The rescue dog may not be given to a humane shelter, other rescue group, or individual, without the consent of IGCA Rescue.

Our adoption fees are as follow: 6 months or younger – $600, 7 months to 2 years – $550, 3 years to 8 years – $475 OVER 8 years – $400, Special needs fee at the discretion of the regional rep. The IGRF Rescue fund is maintained by the IGRF Treasurer and all donations are payable to IGRF. The IGRF Rescue fund is comprised of donations by IGCA members, those interested in the well-being of the breed, and adoption donations. IGCA Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued Italian Greyhound. Our application is a bit lengthy but it enables us to match the right dog to your situation and needs as well as theirs. We always strive for successful, permanent placements and in assessing your family and home we are better able to determine if a particular dog will ‘fit’ into your life based on their temperament and personality, which is to your advantage, so please provide as many details as possible. Thank you for your time in helping us.

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