Not a regular Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are NOT small greyhounds. IGs are a toy breed whose only similarity to the greyhound is their look! That’s it. They are NOT couch potatoes, they are not easy to train like Greyhounds, they cannot “hold it” while you are at work all day, etc. If you love Greyhounds, get a Greyhound NOT an IG. There is a price for that small size…they are MUCH harder to live with.

  1. An IG is NOT a miniature greyhound. They have much more energy and they are a real challenge to potty train. This is the number one reason we see them in rescue.
  2. An IG will care what weather they go to the bathroom in. A greyhound can wade in mud a foot deep and enjoy using the restroom. This is not the case with an IG.
  3. A greyhound is a 45 mile per hour couch potato. When forced to leave the couch, greyhounds usually walk. An IG is a 2 year old with ADD. They never walk, unless forced to by the leash you are holding.
  4. An IG can break limbs by pole vaulting off furniture. A greyhound sees no reasons to get off the couch once they have secured the location.
  5. A greyhound will drag you to the door to go out and potty. An IG may save you the time and effort by peeing or pooping on a kitchen rug.
  6. A greyhound in the backyard with an IG may kick into prey drive and decide to course. A greyhound may also forget to apply the brakes when his little friend cuts him off.
  7. If a Greyhound is like a 10 year old child, an IG is like having a terminal 2 year old child.
  8. A greyhound may want to please you, while an IG wants to know what you have done for him lately.
  9. Most greyhounds get along with any dog. Many IGs hate any dogs who are not “sight hounds.”
  10. The #1 reason not to get an IG: Our IG and our greyhound will look so cute together. Looking cute has nothing to do with commitment.